Metal-free ceramics:

Press ceramics (lithium disilicate)

Press ceramics or so-called glass ceramics is a material of high aesthetics, high strength and wide field of application. With this material we can make everything from full-anatomic crowns that can later be stained fore more life-like colours, through cut-back crowns with added enamel for natural transparency, but also the classic type of crowns or bridges where the core is pressed and later IPS e.max ceramics are applied. In each of the above cases, we press the e.max ingots, which come in various variations depending on the opacity and translucency.


– Veneers

– Inlays and onlays

– Crowns

– Crowns on implants

– Three-member bridges

Zirconia (zirconium dioxide)

Zirconia is a material that contains every feature of an excellent dental material: high strength, durability, biocompatibility, and of course perfect aesthetics. By applying IPS e.max ceramics on zirconia core, we get vivid and, above all, natural tooth colors, so the combination of these two materials guarantees beautiful and long-lasting work.


– Veneers

– Inlays and onlays

– Crowns and bridges

– Crowns on implants

Metal ceramics:

Metal ceramics is the most common, most reliable, and probably the most important restorative material for crowns and bridges of any range. Due to its metal structure, this material has a certain level of elasticity and it regulates the chewing forces and various movements that the jaw has. This material has beautiful aesthetics due to the ceramic thickness of 2 mm, and is suitable for various combined works.

In our laboratory we use Shofu Vintage Halo and Ivoclar ceramics, which gives natural colors to our works.


-Crowns and bridges

-Crowns on implants (Straumann, Branemark)

-Crowns with margin ceramics


-Telescope crowns

Temporary crowns

Temporary crowns serve as protection for the patient’s brushed teeth during the making of the definitive restoration. They also have an aesthetic role, and show the patient the approximate appearance of the definitive appearance of the work.

Fast production deadlines

Deadlines for our services are from 3 to 5 days, depending on the number of teeth, type of work and other factors. Given the progress of modern dentistry and its technology, we strive to make the best possible and most beautiful product in the shortest possible time, respecting each phase of reliable and long-lasting prosthetic restoration.